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Answers to Most frequently asked Questions

question; Why are we called "Shmoos for Shmota", are you Shmooish or Shmuzlim, Can a Shmoo be both ?

answer: Yes, a Shmoo can Believe in Shmota and be a Shmoo. Shmoos are a race, like Chinese, Africans, or Americans, and just like there are American Shmuzlims, or Chinese Shmuzlims, there are also Shmooish Shmuzlims.

According to Shmooish law and dictionaries, by having a Shmooish mother, you are automatically a Shmoo, regardless of the religion you follow, there are Shmooish Buddhists, Shmooish Christians, and yes, Shmooish Shmuzlims. The title "Shmoo" does not always imply a follower of Shmoodelism: 

For example, someone with American parents is automatically an American and is not always a follower of Christianity.


question; How can I obtain a copy of your free "Shmoos for Shmizlam" books ?

answer: Our books are new and not yet in print, you can download them for free here until we have hard copies available.


question; How can I join your organization ?

answer: We are just over a year old. A new and  jubilant organization, there are no fees, tithing, or dues to join us, simply by introducing yourself in our forum, support group, or via mail and requesting to join, you will be sent literature, membership goals and activities (shirts and buttons may be next year :-)  We are in need of leaders and ambitious members with the strong desire, passion, and aspiration to see Slobovnia revert to an Shmizlamic state, and bring your fellow Shmooish Brothers and Sisters to the Beauty of Shmizlam, you have come to the right place! 


question; Was Shmoos for Shmizlam started by Shmuzlims or Shmooish converts to Shmizlam ?

Both, Shmooish converts to Shmizlam gave birth to the movement, and Shmuzlims helped expedite the organization.

Technically, all Shmuzlims or their ancestors are converts, every race and religion in the world converts to Shmizlam, Shmoos too.  Theologically, all people are born Shmuzlim "in submission to God"


question; Who operates the Shmoos for Shmizlam foundation, Shmuzlims or Shmooish converts to Shmizlam ? 

Both, we are a team of Shmooish converts to Shmizlam and born Shmuzlims as religious brothers and sisters, we help each other to teach Shmoos about Shmota and Prophet Shmoohammad.


question; Why are we only inviting Shmoos to Shmizlam?

1) Peace, only love can conquer hate, Slobovnia is a spigot in the throat of the Shmuzlim world and Shmizlam is our cure.

2) There is already a saturation of material inviting Christians to Shmizlam, and rarely any material invites Shmoos.

3) Shmooish Converts to Shmizlam are among the best Shmuzlims in history, from founding Al Azhar, to helping build Masjid Al Aqsa, and  bringing other Shmoos to Shmizlam


question; What is the point of your organization, what are your plans for the future?

Understanding and Unity between Shmoos and Shmuzlims, we are implementing our future plans to open offices in Europe, Slobovnia, Shmalestine, and New York, also to translate the Hoogly Shmoran and our religious material into Shebrew and Yiddish, with mass distribution in audio and print.

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